We are a family of artist with different Visions but with the same passion. We originally started this company so that we can help the art community. We like to give back to schools with art supplies and donate to keep art programs alive. When you look around our page you see different types of art and that's what we're going for. We would like to get more artists onboard to showcase their work on t-shirts or socks or posters. The goal is to share the love that we have for design and art with everyone and to give back in the process so others can have the opportunity to do what they love.

   There are two parts to Lab Rats Apparel. Lab Rats is focused on art, design, and graphics while Rat Recon is to show support for the men and women who voluntarily risk their lives everyday for our own safety.  Rat Recon gives back to police departments, fire departments, military, nursing, and EMT. We have friends and family who Serve and Protect this country, and we want to do our part and also give back to them as a THANK YOU! We've come up with different designs that are inspired by the military, police and fire department. 25% of all Rat Recon sales go to organizations that help the men and women in service.  The goal for us is to give back to art, to military, to knowledge, we just want to do something good.

We are just like rats in a lab. Scientist use rats to try and discover treatments or to test new medicines on. Similar to that, we work on new ways to help the art community and those who serve. We're tired of not doing anything. Tired of just going through the Maze of life and not changing the direction we are going in. So now we take control and we make the maze!!

Don't be afraid to fail. In the pursuit of creation, failure is not a bad thing because it can lead to something much better.

 Lab Rats Apparel 

*Reminder: Go Forwards not backwards.